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Current students (check team division by project/activity)

  • M.Sc. Studentes:
    • Ana Carolina Cabral Pimentel de Melo. On-board computer architecture and data processor design for stratospheric platform: a case study at LAICAnSat (co-adviser).
    • Yago Henrique Melo Honda:  Control system for re-entry and landing of stratospheric platform: a case study at LAICAnSat (adviser).
    • Rodrigo  Cardoso da Silva: Attitude determination and control of small satellites (adviser).
    • Fernando Cardoso Guimarães: Development of electronic  system of attitude determination  and control simulator (adviser).
    • João Victor Lopes de Loiola: Integration of INS + GNSS (adviser).
  • Undergraduate:
    • Stephanie Cardoso Guimarães:                                                                                                                working with the design of the multifunctional PCB of the LAICAnSat platform.

    Former students

  • M.Sc. Students:
    • (2017) Arthur Amaral Ferreira: Modelling of GNSS derived vertical total electron content via artificial neural networks: a case study in Brazil (adviser).
    • (2014) Hugo Tadashi Muniz Kussaba : 
      Analysis, control and filtering of dynamic systems within finite-time (co-adviser).
    • (2013) Jefferson Royer Chaurais: 
      High precision attitude determination and control system for the Ukrainian UYS-1 nanosatellite (co-adviser).
    • (2013) Gabriel Figueiró: 
      A low-cost attitude determination and control system for the first Ukrainian nanosatellite UYS-1 (co-adviser).
  • Undergraduate:
    • (2017) Anderson Pinheiro Zago (undergraduate final project): Quadrotor autonomous flight control. 
    • (2017) João Carlos Moraes Afonso and Julio Francisco dos Santos Sousa (undergraduate final project): Pointing system for UAV tracking and telemetry.
    • (2017) Arthur Carvalho dos Santos (PIBIC project):  Analysis and implementation of GNSS positioning via PPP.
    • (2017) Luiz Felipe de Oliveira Campos (PIBIC project): Development of a system for collection, storage and distribution of L1 GNSS raw data.
    • (2016) Letícia Câmara Van der Ploeg (undergraduate final project): Development  of a system for simulation of the magnetic field in Earth orbit.
    • (2016) Marina Andrade Lucena Holanda (undergraduate final project): Development of the LAICAnSat PCB v1.1 firmware.
    • (2016)  Yago Henrique Melo Honda  (undergraduate final project): Analysis and control of the LAICAnSat-3 trajectory.
    • (2016) Iohana Gabryelle Gauna de Siqueira (PIBIC project): GLONASS satellite navigation system.
    • (2016) Ada Carine Santos de Oliveira (PJT-IC project): Data analysis of the Glonass OWS.
    • (2016) Rodrigo Flores Mendes (PJT-IC adviser)Ground tracking solutions using GNSS in special Glonass system.
    • (2015) Rodrigo Cardoso da Silva and Ulisses Alves Rodrigues (undergraduate final project): 
      Development of  an aerospace  environment simulation platform for small satellites.
    • (2015) Alex Kraus de Castro (undergraduate final project): 
      Development of an electronic board of the minimum LAICAnSat platform system.
    • (2015) Pedro Henrique Moreira da Fonseca (undergraduate final project):                                    Implementation of H-2 and H-infinity control in gyroscope bench and inverted pendulum.
    • (2015) Pedro Henrique Moreira da Fonseca (PIBIC project):                                                             Inverted pendulum control with reaction wheel.
    • (2014) Rafael Resende Dias (undergraduate final project):                                                                   Development of a tracking and telemetry system for LAICAnSat platform.
    • (2014) André Vinícius Santos Silva and Bruno Henrique Alves Noronha (undergraduate final project):   Aerodynamics identification of a payload parachute system for LAICAnSat platform.
    • (2014)  Marlon Marques Soudre (undergraduate final project co-adviser):                              User location in smart environments using active RFID and Kalman filter.
    • (2014) Renata Cristina Moura Chupel (PIBIC project):                                                          Filtering of dynamical systems affected by sector nonlinearities.
    • (2014) Pedro Henrique Dória Nehme (undergraduate final project): 
      LAICAnSat: an experimental platform for small balloons.
    • (2014) Wattyllas Ferreira dos Reis (Quanser project): 
      Control algorithms for the Quanser inverted pendulum IP02.
    • (2013) João Eduardo Costa Gomes (undergraduate final project) 
      Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy control of inverted pendulum: design and validation on a didactic bench.
    • (2013) Lara Christina Braga de Oliveira (undergraduate final project): 
      Modeling and control of an unmanned surface vehicle.
    • (2013) Laríssa de Paiva Silva: (PIBIC project): 
      Parameter-dependent state feedback controllers for finite time stabilization.
    • (2013) Isaac Ambrósio da Silva (Quanser project): 
      Control algorithms for the Quanser inverted pendulum IP02.
    • (2012) Iara Guimarães Rocha (undergraduate final project): 
      Filtering and control of dynamic systems in finite time.
    • (2012) Lara de Oliveira Risso (undergraduate final project): 
      Filtering and control of dynamic systems in finite time.

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